Fight Disease with Food

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Learn why millions of people are needlessly suffering because they have been brainwashed into thinking traditional medicine is their only hope,

Health issues such as cancer, diabetes, inflammation, heart disease, and memory loss can be helped with learning what foods to eat to help fight the disease.

In this new book, Fight Disease with Food, the #1 goal is to help you learn a two-step process:

Step #1: Eliminate or moderate the toxic foods that are assisting the enemy.

Step #2: Supply your cells with foods that fight back in your defense!

No one is going to sit here and say, “You have to give up this and that forever!” That’s just asking for you to go on a dangerous binge, isn’t it?

But when you replace most of your food choices with produce and other foods that arm your cells with energy and fortitude, you start to lose your cravings and feel energetic and healthier.

Look inside for information that may help you fight disease with food.

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  • You will receive an instant download of 1 eBook in PDF format
  • Size322 KB
  • Length25 pages
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Fight Disease with Food

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